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Dog Sniffing GroundAt All Pro Dogs we understand you want not just an eco-friendly electronic pet fence solution that does its job but also the best experience, both gentle and humane, for your pet. Providing your pet family, whether dogs or cats, the freedom and happiness of being off leash and giving you the peace of mind enjoyed by successful pet containment is our goal. Securing the safety of your beloved pet and protecting your family against sadness and loss or liability are paramount to you and paramount to us at All Pro Dogs. We work with you to ensure your pet is happily utilizing their newly defined space.Every animal has its own training abilities and they all learn differently. Being able to pick up on these clues is 95% of the battle with underground electric fence training. We have great respect for animals and show this during our training sessions. This respect for animals is just one of the many reasons we offer Pet Stop® fence systems and utilize their Gentle Steps™ training program.

Since we offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Buy-Back, I am going to pull out all the training tricks in my bag.” Those tricks are many as pet lover and owner Adam Volz has over 12 years of experience in a family business doing pet fence installation and training. Going hand in hand with this, he is also a professional horse trainer and has successfully trained many sensitive and intuitive and yes sometimes challenging creatures. Your pet and the way they interact during training is key. We are pros at working with animals, focusing on being in tune with your pet’s individual personalities, and managing even the most timid or assertive. We also provide 3 training sessions for you and your pet versus the majority of our competitors who offer just 1 training on installation day. We put this in writing and strive to make sure, first and foremost, our customers & their pets are happy.

Note to Fido…It will be a safe experience with great reward and we carry treats! Have your owner call or email Adam at All Pro Dogs today for a free estimate so you can run and jump and play freely and safely outside or inside tomorrow!

Looking for an eco-friendly, gentle and pet friendly new pet fence installation or an upgrade on an existing pet fence or need a new transmitter, receiver, or battery replacement… Give us a call. We service any and all competitive radio service fencing systems such as Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch®, PetSafe®, existing Pet Stop fencing and also any Do It Yourself pet fence systems.

How To Ensure Your Pet Stop® Installation is A Success for Both You and Your Pet

3 Important Areas to Consider:

1. Product Warranties and Fence Installation Guarantees
Paw What are the Product Warranties? Any Lifetime warranties?
Paw Do they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantees or a risk-free Buy Back Incentives?
Paw What guarantees or warranties are offered or available and in what timeframe?

All Pro Dogs offers a 100% satisfaction and a containment guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your new Pet Stop® systems we’ll buy it back. Many Pet Stop® products come with lifetime warranties.

2. Products Offered – Safety, Effectiveness and Coverage
Paw Is your Dog Fence System Gentle and Humane as well as Effective?
Paw Does the Electric Pet Fence product fit your needs in terms size of coverage area and location?

Pet Stop products are more gentle and humane than competitor brands and come with the widest range of correction levels. Starting with the lowest gentlest correction up to one of the strongest corrections in the industry. Owner Adam Volz remembers, back in the day with a different product having only 5 settings, thinking at times it rushed the dog along… Pet Stop’s new technology along with the Gentle Steps is a great advancement in the training process that gets your pet trained successfully. Pet Stop systems are available in a variety of different configurations and can be installed in very large or very small yards. Pet Stop uses Edge to Edge™ technology to allow for maximum use of space in a small yard application.

3. Electronic Fence Training Offered, Training Philosophy, and Experience
Paw What and how much training will you receive from your installer with your pet fence installation purchase?
Paw Is the training for you or for your pet? Any training for you with your pet together?
Paw How will your pet be handled? How do you need to handle your pet with your dog fence system?

Happy Dog In SummerEvery animal has a soul… At All Pro Dogs your pets soul is the heart of our driving force. We have a long history of training many different types of animals and over 12 years in a family business with dog fence installation and pet containment training. Our experienced and effective training methods go hand in hand with Pet Stop’s Gentle Steps™ training program and we offer 3 training sessions for you and your pet versus the majority of our competitors 1 training on installation day. During these 3 training sessions we work on training, adjusting settings if necessary, so your dog is acclimated to the fence in the right way, and trained in the right fashion. While Adam knows these additional training sessions are more time and money to his business, they are well worth to him it for you and your pet. And we put this in writing…

You and your pet deserve the optimal outdoor lifestyle…
Call or email Adam at All Pro Dogs today so you and your family and pets can enjoy the optimal outdoor lifestyle you deserve shortly thereafter.

All Pro Dogs Pet Stop - Fence Services and Pet Containment Solutions Offered
Paw We install Pet Stop underground electronic fence systems and train with the Gentle Steps method. We install Pet Stop hidden fence solutions for cats as well.

Paw We service any and all competitive radio service fencing systems such as Invisible Fence, Dog Watch, PetSafe, existing Pet Stop fencing, and also any Do It Your Self pet fence systems.

Paw Perimeter Wireless System.

Paw PlexiDor Pet Doors - We offer PlexiDor Dog Doors for cats and dogs.

Paw Waste Management - We offer a pet waste management to give our customers full service options for their nose friendly, step friendly, pet friendly outdoor living.

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Colorado: Larimer County, Weld County, Douglas County, Adams County, Brighton, and pet fence installation and service in Cheyenne, Wyoming

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My entire family has a great love of animals. My wife Tess and our two children, Nathaniel and Jessa, together with our dogs Half Pint and Hank (toy Australian Shepherds), Joe our German Short Hair, and Jake our Blue Healer along with some cattle dogs for our ranch and several horses make up our immediate family. Our toy Australian Shepherds herd our kids around and Half Pint is the mothering type… She has even helped out sometimes with our kids sleep routine… As a dad, when I was in charge of putting my son to sleep, her company and soothing nature was my ace in the hole.

We are a family and pet family oriented business and very proud to offer Pet Stop’s made in the USA pet fencing products.

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